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Hatha Yoga with Jane

If you can breathe, you can do Yoga

Hatha Yoga with Jane
Hatha Yoga with Jane
Hatha Yoga with Jane
Hatha Yoga with Jane
Hatha Yoga with Jane
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Hath Yoga with Jane

Welcome to Hatha Yoga with Jane

A safe, all inclusive and non-judgemental place to do yoga with Jane Hathaway.

Not Bendy? No problem! As long as you can breathe, you can do yoga! Jane is passionate about sharing the therapeutic and transformational benefits of yoga to the MINDBODY and spirit to ALL!  Especially people who think they can’t do yoga!

Jane has been a yoga practitioner for almost 30 years, and has been teaching since 2016.  She has experience in teaching people of all ages with various health issues and joint problems, including prosthetics.  She is also delighted to have been able to teach yoga to young people with learning disabilities, working within specialist schools and with charities.

Jane’s specialisms are Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Pranayama and Trauma Resilience Embodied Yoga (TREY). Many people have experienced some form of trauma in their lives and trauma informed yoga can play an active and much valued role in releasing trauma held in the body and assist letting go, so that you can enjoy your life more fully.

Her experience, knowledge, understanding and caring approach means that you are in safe hands when being taught in her classes.

Jane’s enthusiasm for traditional yoga practices means she will guide you through your yoga journey with not only physical poses (asana) but also conscious breathing techniques (pranayama), sense withdrawal/inward focus (pratyahara) and meditation (aka mindfulness) to help you find inner peace and bliss (samadhi)!

Jane’s style of teaching is supportive, encouraging, intuitive; always happy to welcome you to your mat and ALWAYS with a big smile and a splash of humour!

Come join us on your mat! A warm welcome awaits you!


I have been practising yoga with Jane for about 2 years. Her expertise and understanding of this ancient form is amazing and her awareness and recognition of the body and its capabilities gives me complete confidence.

She is sympathetic and encouraging and has a lovely sense of humour too.

Sue Goodwin

LoveBiz Award 2022 Jane Hathaway
Hatha Yoga with Jane

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