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Trauma Resilience Embodied Yoga

Known as TREY

Jane is certified to facilitate Trauma Resilience Embodied Yoga (TREY) which can be useful in the treatment of people who have experienced a traumatic event in their lives.  This may be relationship trauma, childhood trauma, generational trauma, grief and loss, trauma due to illness or accidents, plus much more, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).


Trauma can affect people in different ways; it can hold people back from moving forward in their lives.  People can feel unsafe, anxious and powerless plus a whole host of other emotions as the body struggles with dysregulation and feelings of dissociation.


Jane supports and encourages individuals to embark upon their own process of healing, so that people can allow themselves to release those deep seated feelings that the body may be holding on to.  Enabling them to recognise potential triggers and understanding of how the body responds to them. Jane shares simple techniques that may be used at anytime to help restore equilibrium and self regulation of the nervous system so that people can enjoy everyday life.


Offering private One to One Sessions which can be taken over Zoom in the comfort and safety of your own home, or face to face in the tranquillity of The Yoga Cabin situated in Jane’s garden in Burntwood, she will always work within 5 core principals of Trauma-informed care in Yoga:


SAFETY – Helping people increase their inner sense of safety.

TRUST – Developing trust in the relationship with her Clients based on Ethics and Compassionate Boundaries.

CHOICE – Helping people increase their sense of control over their body and life by the development of the ability to make choices that are right for themselves.

COLLABORATION – Inviting people to make decisions about how they wish to practice TREY to reinforce their sense of control.

EMPOWERMENT – Supporting and enabling people to develop an inner sense of empowerment and resilience.  Helping people feel validated and affirmed.


Jane will not ask participants to share their trauma histories or to process their memories during the TREY sessions.

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What People Say

“I’m so grateful I met you…. I’ve managed to get so much done today with a clear mind.. I can’t believe the difference”

“I can’t begin to explain the dark place I found myself in a few months ago.  I had never experienced anything like this in my life before.  I began to think I was going mad.  I spoke to Jane, she listened & then assured me she completely understood where I was at.  She explained why I was feeling like this & that I would get through this.  She suggested one to one Trauma Yoga sessions that I decided to take over Zoom. 

They have helped me so so much, I still have a way to go yet, but I am building up a tool kit with Jane’s help that I can use when I feel overwhelmed!

My issues have been caused over a lifetime, but I now feel empowered to work through these so I can move forward and be happy!  Thank you Jane”

“A wonderful yoga session with Hatha yoga with Jane in her beautiful yoga studio.  She supported me through some yoga poses and breath work that calm the nervous system and trauma responses….Jane is an expert in supporting people to reconnect the body, mind  and spirit through yoga, breath and meditation… I even released some buried emotions myself, which is always a good thing.”

“Thank you so much! Your classes were a huge part of my healing and I’m so appreciative!!!”

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